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Artistic mediation & ceramics illustrations

Amélie Bissonnette Art

Artistic mediation & ceramics illustrations

Arts workshops

Here is an overview of the steps to organize arts workshops in a school setting. 
Possibility of financial help, through the program Cuture à l’école, volet artiste.

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Before getting in touch with me, please review the activities I offer on my profile in the  répertoire culture-éducation and verify that you meet the eligibility criteria to receive financial help when hiring an artist, through the program Culture à l’école, to conduct workshops in a school located in the province of Quebec.

Workshops: I offer series comprised of 3 workshop sessions each, suitable for elementary and high school students.

Bestiaire 2D/3D
1) Handbuilding a small polymer clay figurine. Use of an aluminum foil and metal wire structure. Modelling expressive details.
2) Decorating the figurine. Painting a surface, step by step. Mixing colours, dry brush technique and addition of patterns.

3) Crafting a paper background. Students will be invited to create an environment to be displayed alongside their figurines. Technique to be determined, based on the student’s  level. E.g.: collage, watercolour, markers.

Habitat insoupçonné
1) & 2) Same steps  than for Bestiaire 2D/3D.
3) Creative exploration of the school’s surroundings.  In order to document their figurine, as they stage it in various settings around their school, students will be introduced to the basics of image composition as well as the importance of colour choices, light and shadow. Depending on the students’ level, this photographic expedition could take place in the school yard, a park situated close by or a portion of the campus.

***If you wish to organize a different type of workshop, or if you work with a different public, you are also welcome to contact me. ***


Communicate with me once you have thought about how many groups and how many students will participate in the activities to be organized. Based on your students’ level and the specific context of your school, we will  determine together which variation of the workshops will meet your needs.

If your school is eligible, the next step will be to fill a form to obtain financial assistance. I will send you a document containing most of the information relevant to that process (duration of the workshops, artist’s contact information, materials).

Upon receiving a positive answer to the demand of financial assistance, we will conclude a written agreement. This contract will officialize the dates and any other applicable conditions pertaining to the realization of the workshops.

– Preparatory activity to be held in class
– Arts workshops, conducted by the artist
– Follow-up activity to conclude the project’s  learning experiences

Questions? You wish to discuss?

I will be glad to read your message and do my best to help.

*** Disclaimer: the details provided on this page are written to present an overview of the steps leading to the organization of artistic workshops in a school setting. However, they are not intended to replace reading the information available on the websites of the program Culture à l’école and the répertoire Culture-éducation. ***

Série Seaweed

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Ces lapins poucets profitent du soleil lors de la marée basse. Adaptés à la vie aquatique, ils ondulent et se prélassent, seuls ou en couple, parmi les vallons d’algues.

Technique: photo    Lieu: Nouvelle-Écosse, Canada