Birds Series

Le roi des feuillus

A green ceramics bird with leaves-textured wings. Its facial expression reflects annoyance and it wears a tiny pointy yellow crown on its head.


Dimensions: 8’’ x 3’’1/2 x 3’’1/4

Materials : earthenware
Year: 2014


La pie de bois

My starting point for this sculpture was a story called La pie voleuse, in which a bird likes to steal shiny objects to collect them in its nest. Then, I imagined a magical creature whose feathers would actually be pieces of tree bark.

Dimensions: 6’’3/4 x 5’’14 x 3’’1/2

Materials : earthenware
Year: 2014


Série Seaweed

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Ces lapins poucets profitent du soleil lors de la marée basse. Adaptés à la vie aquatique, ils ondulent et se prélassent, seuls ou en couple, parmi les vallons d’algues.

Technique: photo    Lieu: Nouvelle-Écosse, Canada