Café des Lapins

thumbelineas bunnies seated around round tables in a café. Some are playing cards or checkers, while others drink from white tumblers and eat carrots and celery out of rectangular white plates

Café des Lapins Materials : ceramicsDimensions:  May vary based on the placement of 6 tiles of 6’’x6’’, height approx. 3’’1/2Year: 2016 The café, always lively, a cozy place to eat, to sip on a drink or to play     Back

Around The Table

Three bunnies eating sandwiches while sitting on high stools around a wooden table

Previous Next Around A Table… Partie de cartes 2 Materials/Technique: photo achieved with pieces that were later incorporated permanently within the sculpture Café des Lapins.Year: 2016 Who said you had to maintain a poker face? Card games giggles are the best! This artwork is part of a series of 3 illustrations.     Épluchette Materials/ Technique […]

Birds Series

a green ceramics bird with leaves-textured wings. It is smiling and wears a small pointy yellow crown on its head.

Previous Next Birds Series Le roi des feuillus A green ceramics bird with leaves-textured wings. Its facial expression reflects annoyance and it wears a tiny pointy yellow crown on its head.   Dimensions: 8’’ x 3’’1/2 x 3’’1/4 Materials : earthenwareYear: 2014   La pie de bois My starting point for this sculpture was a story […]

Plaisirs d’hiver

bunnies look at the snow person that they created

Previous Next Plaisirs d’hiver   Winter fun is also for bunnies! A snow covered balcony is all it takes.   Technique : photoYear: 2020   Titles Plaisirs d’hiver : le bonhomme Plaisirs d’hiver : le bonhomme-lapin Back

Jeu de blocs

two bunnies play with building blocks on colourful foam floor tiles

Jeu de blocs Building, unbuilding, rebuilding… it’s so much fun to try and come up with new ways to assemble the pieces! Materials : earthenwareDimensions: 6×3,25×1,75Year: 2016   Back

Handle Tree Habitat

Bunnies climbing a spiraling staircase to go up around a tree trunk

Previous Next Handle Tree Habitat When the time came to elect living quarters, these thumbelineas bunnies were captivated by the peculiar shape of that tree, which reminded them of the handle of a tea cup. Technique : photos of in-situ installationYear: 2017   Titles Overview Of The Handle Tree Habitat Handle Tree Habitat : Sweet Kiss […]

On The Fence

Atop a pointy fence post, a tiny bunny basks in the surrounding snowy mountain views

Previous Next On The Fence For the tiniest of bunnies, the top of a fence is a fantastic belvedere to observe the beautiful landscapes of Gros Morne. Technique :  in-situ photographyYear: 2017   Titles Fence Dreamers King Of The Fence Back

Bunny Swings

Two small bunny lovers snuggling side by side on a swing with branches and snow in the background

Previous Next Bunny Swings The forest is but another playground to these thumbelineas bunnies, balancing on swing sets hung on delicate branches. Technique : in-situ photographyYear: 2017     Titles Bunny Swings 1 Bunny Swings 2 Bunny Swings 3 Back

Split Tree Habitat

mini rabbits live inside a hollow tree trunk on three floor platforms, which are reachable by climbing a rope ladder

Previous Next Split Tree Habitat A group of thumbelineas bunnies decided to dwell inside a tree that is split right down its center. The hollow trunk houses three floors. The view from atop is breathtaking. Technique : photos of in-situ installation  Year: 2017   Titles Split Tree Habitat : Overview Split Tree Habitat : View Of The Inside Split […]

Donjons Et Lapins

one bunny keeping watch from the top of a tower, while another plays harmonica at the door step and a third one dances. The background is a swiveling dark blue sky with a yellow crescent moon.

Donjons et lapins Materials: ceramicsDimensions: 14’’ ½ x 13’’ ½ x 6’’ (measurements exclude hanging device)Year: 2013 Three adventurers decided to set camp in a stone tower. The bard, with his harmonica, composes an hymn to the night sky.   Back