Mindset Trading Card Game

Materials : custom images printed on cardstock
Dimensions of each set in its box: 1’’x2’’x3’’
Photo credits 1st and last image : @Inventory of Memory
Year: 2017

This artwork was created for the exhibition Told Again, organized by Inventory of Memory. Each artist was asked to reinvent one of Hans Christian Anderson’s fairy tales. I chose Thumbelina and changed the fact that the main character has very little agency over her life. 

Thumbelina, like many female characters in stories of that time, is portrayed as a being that is too small and fragile to fend for herself without a man. In my version, the game mechanics change depending on which mindset card is in play (XIXth century or XXIst century).  The chances for Thumbelina to win and live her life the way she chooses also vary accordingly.

This piece was produced as an edition of 12 sets of 12 cards, each contained in a box designed to be the same size as a small matchbox, as per the curators’ requirements for the project. The illustrations were mostly achieved by photographing ceramics elements and assembling them digitally. 


Série Seaweed

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Ces lapins poucets profitent du soleil lors de la marée basse. Adaptés à la vie aquatique, ils ondulent et se prélassent, seuls ou en couple, parmi les vallons d’algues.

Technique: photo    Lieu: Nouvelle-Écosse, Canada