Amélie Bissonnette Art

Artistic mediation & ceramics illustrations

Amélie Bissonnette Art

Artistic mediation & ceramics illustrations

my story

once upon a time...

When I was a child, a wonderfully detailed illustrated storybook had a great effect on me. The little elves perched in the trees and the smiling flowers made me wish I could step inside the images to visit this imaginary realm. 

I knew it was not physically possible, yet this wish, this itch of curiosity remained. Because of that feeling, I decided to become an illustrator.

main tenant une figurine de lapin qui arrose des fleurs avec un arrosoir bleu

from a dream to a professional pathway: from point a to plan b

While I was a high school student, I established my game plan early on: a college program – one that admitted only a select few– would lead me to my dream job. Case closed; it was written in the orientation book… Or not! 

Instead, life made me take the scenic route. I discovered the medium of ceramics during my cégep studies and continued to learn about it in university. Little by little, stories started to emerge around my pieces. Clay, with its endearing imperfections, its wealth of textures and its flexibility, allowed me to discover my identity: I am a ceramist-illustrator!


what about now?

My focus currently alternates between my own creative pursuits and my work as an artistic mediator. 

As I carry out my illustration projects in a studio shared with four inspiring ceramists, my main intention is to convey a message of joy and hope. 

Meanwhile, cultural mediation allows me to meet wonderful persons from all walks of life to share my passion about the arts with them. 

These two professional spheres complete one another very well!

my professional journey, in a nutshell

work experience

artistic achievements


download my cv (will be available soon)

Série Seaweed

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Ces lapins poucets profitent du soleil lors de la marée basse. Adaptés à la vie aquatique, ils ondulent et se prélassent, seuls ou en couple, parmi les vallons d’algues.

Technique: photo    Lieu: Nouvelle-Écosse, Canada